Mould Perfect

mould-1 Mould Perfect  masterbatches are the latest in a series of technically advanced products formulated by Begg & Co Thermoplastics. 


 Mould Perfect allows processors to increase productivity rates without lowering quality



 By rapid and uniform crystallisation of the polymer Mould Perfect overcomes and eliminates many common problems which hinder your process


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Mould Perfect has benefits for all PP, HDPE and TPO applications processed through:-  

  • Extrusion
  • Thermoforming
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding

Mould Perfect 

  • Decreases Cycle Times
  • Reduces Rejects
  • Reduces effect of colour on process
  • Improves Regrind Harmonisation

Improves Dimensional Stability 

  • Reduces Warpage
  • Removes Sink / Ejection Pin Marks
  • Eliminates voids
  • Reduces Trimming / Angel Hair
  • Allows Increased Top Load





Case Study

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Mould Perfect was added as a 1% masterbatch to 20% Talc Filled PP to reduce sink marks. 

Not only did it remove the sink mark issue, look at the productivity increase – an impressive 29%





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Mould Perfect 

Available as 

  • Additive Natural Masterbatch 
  • Colour + Mould Perfect Masterbatch 
  • Natural & Colour Compounds 

Mould Perfect International Approvals for Plastics for Food Contact Registrations

  • United States (FDA): Food Contact Substance 
  • Europe: Food Contact Materials Directive. 
  • Japan: JHOSPA Positive List Approval. PLC is [B} NM-5053. 

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